The Diary in October

Wynne's husband Herbert sails for France with the 7th Division. 

October 1st – 5th

The agony of parting. Herbert prepares to go the Front with the 7th Division, and the children come on a final visit. The day of departure is chaotic.

October 6th – 12th

Herbert sails across the Channel safely, to an unknown destination. Wynne returns home to submerge herself in daily chores, trying not to think about the War.

October 13th – 18th

Despondency at home as news of the revolt in South Africa and the relentless German advance depresses everyone. Wynne receives her first letters from the Front.

October 19th – 26th

Although Wynne receives reassuring letters, the knowledge that Herbert is in the midst of a great battle causes great anxiety. In fact the 7th Division is to suffer terrible losses.

October 27th – 31st

The German push to the Channel is resisted. Casualties mount, and one old friend comes home with a wounded foot, while another is taken prisoner.

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