The Diary in December

An operation for her niece, and the news that Herbert will get no Christmas leave, make for a sad and difficult month.

December 1st – 6th

Wynne’s niece goes to London for an operation, and Wynne accompanies her after a hectic week.

December 7th – 13th

Wynne in London – her niece’s operation goes well, and in between hospital visits Wynne shops and goes to St Pauls.


December 14th – 18th

She goes home, meeting mud-encrusted soldiers at Waterloo who are just home on leave…but she hears her own husband’s leave has been cancelled.

December 19th – 23rd

Absent husband and sad news does not make for a specially festive time. Wynne confides her sadness and anxiety to the diary.

December 24th – 31st

Wynne signs off teh year with a hard evening at the Hut and an early bed…but in spite of the gloom some merriment was had.

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