The Diary in February

Wynne's grandmother dies, and the pressures tell.  She escapes to Newquay for a brief rest.

February 7th – 9th

Recovering from flu, Wynne finds the whole household going down with it, leaving her to cope.

February 10th – 13th

Illness, Accidents and Death.
Wynne’s grandmother dies aged 101, and she receives news of another friend killed at the Front.

February 14th – 18th

The Baroness is buried, and Wynne prepares to get away for a short break after all the upsets.

February 19th – 26th

Wynne and a friend go to Newquay for the ozone and a rest

February 27th – 28th

The house is emptying after Gran’s death, but the war continues to dominate everything. Cousin Bill is commissioned, and Charles, her old flame, is back from the Front in hospital.

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