The Diary in January

With the War nearly six months old, the pressures are growing. Depression and the flu attack Wynne.

January 1st – 6th

Herbert is on leave so the family enjoy an outing to London: the panto and magic shows…but the time soon comes for his return.

January 7th – 13th

Illness at home, and Wynne confides to her diary that she is feeling more and more depressed.

January 14th – 18th

With her niece going off to school, and plenty of other chores, Wynne is kept busy, though Gran is becoming a big problem.

January 19th – 25th

Wynne packs her son off to school and spends time with her cousin. Life quietens down but Gran’s situation worsens.

January 26th – 29th

Spring, the Kaiser’s birthday, and various visits all noted…but Wynne is feeling poorly and goes to bed with flu without finishing the month.

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