The Diary in June

She notes the death of Julian Grenfell.  Zeppelin alarms and a visit to her son at school.

June 1st – 7th

Wynne’s favourite month…but she notes the death of Julian Grenfell and other events that cloud her pleasure, and remembers her engagement 14 years before.

June 8th – 19th

Notes her brother’s arrival in France from India, and her own 36th birthday.

June 20th – 25th

Wynne and her husband visit their son in Malvern School. Back home she cuts out an article on “idling”, then notes her own activities in an age where this is now not possible.

June 26th – 30th

Zeppelin alarms, gongs aplenty for her friends and a note on last year’s assassination of the Archduke.

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