The Diary in March

Wynne's husband is recalled from the Front. 

March 1st – 7th

Letters and parcels for the Front, but Wynne is feeling the pressure and missing her husband.

March 8th – 13th

The family move to London while their house is being redecorated, and this offers a chance to cure the “blues”. She hears her brother has now joined up.

March 14th – 19th

Wynne is surprised to learn that Herbert has been relieved of his command and is coming home. He joins her in London

March 20th – 27th

To Sherborne for her niece’s Confirmation, then back to London. they take in several shows, including a Royal charity performance.

March 28th – 31st

Sightseeing, Wynne is enraptured by Westminster Abbey which she obviously had never been to before.

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