The Diary in May

Poison gas on the Western Front...and the sinking of the Lusitania.

May 1st – 7th

Wynne notes the use of poison gas, and feels very low but manages to visit Swanage where her husband is now working.

May 8th – 11th

Wynne marvels at the new volunteers in training and notes the loss of the Lusitania. “The Germans are making desperate efforts and using the most foul and abominable methods…”

May 12th – 18th

Leaves Swanage…”a most fearful battle has been going on round Ypres. A Zep over Ramsgate last night!”

May 19th – 25th

Herbert home on leave, and news of her brother, Ell, who has finally sailed from India with his regiment.

May 26th – 31st

Italy declares War, and joins the Allies. A royal visit to the refreshment centre…and letters from the Front.

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