The Diary in September

Zeppelin raids, and the “never-ending good-byes”…death comes to the family

September 1st – 5th

Bill Fallowfield visits unexpectedly. Chores and the “Hut” take over. The 21st and 22nd Divisions leave for the Front

September 6th – 15th

Zeppelin raids over London, and other stories of narrow escapes. Wynne’s Mother offers a graphic account.

September 16th – 20th

Wynne’s son goes back to school and she hears news from the Front. Hot weather makes for hard work at the Hut.

September 21st – 25th

A letter from Germany, and more departures.

September 26th – 30th

Death and good-byes. Wynne’s beloved cousin Bill is killed at Loos. War news is grave.

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