The Diary in December

The family have moved to Somerset.

Asquith's Government falls. Lloyd George is Prime Minister. 

December 3rd

Wynne brings her story up to date after a long break, and introduces us to the inhabitants of Hinton St George, the village she moved her family to in October.

An article about Charles Mullins V.C.

December 3rd (cont) – 8th

Wynne gives thanks for her loved-ones’ survival. The winter is bitterly cold, and Asquith’s Government falls. Lloyd George takes over as P.M.

December 15th

The winter cold is unlike any they have known. It is becoming more difficult to get provisions for the family.

December 19th – 24th

The family gather for Christmas, including Herbert who comes down from the East Coast on leave.

December 25th – 31st

Christmas and New Year. The family manage a traditional Christmas but Wynne is heartily glad to see the end of 1916.

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