The Diary in March

She was ill in February, and wrote nothing – the diary resumes in March with an account of her illness.

March 1st – 3rd

Wynne has just had a painful operation, performed at home, to repair X-Ray damage to her armpits. Meanwhile, her husband returns from France.

She notes the battle at Verdun has begun

March 4th – 12th

Wynne and the family go up to London. Verdun is noted, and her brother Ell turns out to be in Basra as part of the ill-fated attempt to relieve Kut.

March 13th – 17th

Wynne notes the death of her great friend, Major Gray. Herbert goes to the Palace for his C.B., and there are visits to the Raemaker exhibition and the Zoo.

March 18th – 23rd

Still in London: a concert in aid of Soldiers’ Free Buffets, attended by the Queen; visits to Westminster Abbey; and an exhibition of work by wounded soldiers.

March 24th – 31st

Augustus John in person at his exhibition, then a show in aid of the new Star and Garter Home for disabled soldiers. The family stay in London, visiting theatres and going to the Zoo again. They see D.W. Griffith’s “Birth of a Nation”.

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