The Diary in April

The big German Offensive continues.

Haig’s famous “Our Backs to the Wall”  Order of the Day.

April 1st – 8th

The news from the Front is terrible, and is accompanied by reports of the death of people Wynne knew. “Why should the cause of Right suffer so?”, she asks.

April 9th – 17th

Parliament debates raising the age of conscription to 50. Haig issues his famous Order of the Day. At home, rationing appears to be in a muddle.

April 18th – 24th

Home chores and memories of her marriage proposal 19 years before. The Home Front means fighting rats and raising chickens.

A portion of Philip Gibbs’ newspaper report which appeared on April 13th:

“51st Still Sticking It”.

April 25th – 30th

Country visits and chopping wood for next winter. The news continues to be grim, but Wynne hopes that the retreat is planned.

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