The Diary in January

Volume 17 of 30. 

Food shortages and rationing, and a Zeppelin raid on London

January 1st – 6th

Food shortages noted – sugar cards already in force, and rationing for all is about to commence.

January 7th – 13th

No birthday cake material can be found but the hens lay well and a sponge cake is possible.

January 14th – 20th

Food, snow and a letter from a prisoner of war who has been released into neutral territory occupies this week.


January 21st – 27th

Wynne goes to London, where even the Carlton Hotel is rationing the sugar. She sees the Pantomime and “The 13th Chair”.

January 28th – 31st

Air raids over London on two separate days – and Wynne smokes a cigarette in the street for the first time.

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