The Diary in September

The good news continues abroad, while at home food and coal shortages are a worry.

September 1st – 6th

Concern about food and coal lead to strange plans from Wynne’s mother. The German retreat continues. More sad news, both personal and public.

September 7th – 13th

More advances along the Western Front. News from Russia of the murder of the Tsar. Jam making in bulk, but the weather is dreadful.

September 14th – 20th

Essential blackberrying, but government calls to all to pick mean they are hard to find. Children to school – the two girls for the first time in their lives (aged 10 and 14!)

September 21st – 30th

Retreat on all fronts. In Palestine the Turks are routed, and in Bulgaria a retreat becomes a call for an armistice.

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