The Diary in April

The family are now living in London, and making full use of the many entertainments available.  The Great Empire Exhibition opens in Wembley

April 6th – 11th

The family are staying in a B&B where for 3 guineas a week (63/=) they get full board including baths. Plays, shopping, and the lights of Piccadilly Circus are enjoyed.

April 12th – 19th

“Puppets” at the theatre, Sunday at Westminster Abbey, and a drive out of town down the Edgware Road to St Albans. They move into a flat, relieved to leave their B&B.

April 20th – 26th

Plays, Wild life films, and the Cup Tie final. The King opens the Great Wembley Exhibition, and Wynne busies herself with the Victoria League and Universal Aunts.

April 27th – 30th

The family go the Great Empire Exhibition at Wembley. Wynne is thrilled by it, especially sculpted butter! She hears that her sister is to come home from India for health reasons.

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