The Diary in December

The family finally arrive in Kenya, and travel north to the Trans Nzioa where the land they have purchased awaits them on the slopes of Mt Elgon.

December 1st – 6th

They reach Aden on the 1st, Mombasa on the 6th. An introduction to their new home.

December 7th – 11th

They spend a few days in Mombasa before catching the train to Nairobi, taking them through plains still teeming with game. The check into the New Stanley in the capital.

December 20th – 22nd

After a trip up to Nyeri from Nairobi, the family pile into their Dodge and slowly make their way north to the Trans Nzioa, staying at Nakuru on the way.

December 23rd – 31st

They arrive at their destination and are put up by a farmer they met on the boat. They celebrate a sunny Christmas for the first time, and visit their new patch of uncleared land on the mountain. Will their big decision pay off?

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