The Diary in July

The family continue to enjoy London, driving hither and thither. They go to see Marie Tempest, and their daughter's interest in the Guide movement involves them in a visit to the World Camp in Lyndhurst.

July 1st – 9th

The joys of the motorcar, in town and out in the country. Wynne’s sister arrives from India.

July 10th – 17th

To the theatre to see Marie Tempest, and a Sunday visit to Chelsea Old Church, the burial place of Henry James and John Donne.

July 19th – 26th

A charity show in aid of the Girl Guides, and a visit to the World Camp of Guides in Lyndhurst, plus the Empire Pageant, exhausts Wynne. A Christian Science service fails to impress.

July 27th – 31st

London visits and a trip to West Loathly. Summer rain as usual!

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