The Diary in May

The family make the most of their time in London, while travel plans are beginning to be made.  The end of the month sees the big Empire celebrations.

May 1st – 8th

More visits to Wembley, to marvel at the Queen’s Dolls’ House. Wynne is asked to write a guide for the Universal Aunts, and the family go to see the Ten Commandments at the cinema and The Way of the World at the theatre.

May 9th – 16th

Wynne explores London – she calls it barlowing – and continues with her good works and normal life. The family go to see the play “Havoc” which shocks them.

May 17th – 24th

Plans for Kenya gather pace, passages on boats provisionally booked, and advice taken. More sight-seeing culminates in the big Empire Day celebrations on 24th.

May 25th – 31st

Empire Sunday. The family go to the huge Thanksgiving service at Wembley attended by the King and Queen. Also, another visit to the Abbey and the Chelsea Flower Show.

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