The Diary in March

Still living in the small huts, and worrying about their cases of furniture as the rains come, causing havoc.

March 2nd – 8th

The first rain exposes the inadequacy of their roof, which leaks like a sieve.

March 9th – 14th

The larger mud house is progressing, and Wynne visits neighbours to find out what to grow. She comments on the local town, which consists of only a few buildings, but notes that the arrival of the new railway will change all that soon.

March 15th – 22nd

Hold-ups with the new house and the rains begin in earnest. Wynne notes the new mania for doing crosswords in the paper.

March 23rd – 31st

The six large packing cases of furniture have caused endless problems, and the weather has affected the contents. Wynne is longing to unpack, and sleep in a proper bed with proper sheets!

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