The Diary in January

The final diary, one of 30 written since 1895, finds Wynne in Kenya, on a farm in the Trans Nzioa. The whole family moved there in 1924. They have finally moved into their new house, and are hard at work in farm and garden on the slopes of Mount Elgon.

January 1st – 6th

A New Year is seen in with a fancy dress dance, but times are hard and the outlook is very gloomy for the struggling farmers.

January 7th – 15th

The dry season is at its height. A house clearance provides a surprise, and the mail brings wedding news.

January 16th – 23rd

Invasion by safari ants, a new disease in the coffee and an amusing answer to their advert looking for a home for the pet monkeys. Everyone seems to be living on credit.

January 24th – 31st

Pavlova’s death is noted, and raises comments about the mundane level of their lives.

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