The Diary in June

The final diary, one of 30 written since 1895. Wynne is 52 this week. Electric light for the first time...and a safari butterfly collecting in the Kakamega forests.

June 1st – 7th

Electric light is switched on amid much celebration. Wynne and Herbert celebrate 30 years of marriage.

June 8th – 18th

Wynne’s birthday on June 15th – she is 52. Race Day in Kitale takes place, but brings no victories for the Jacksons.

June 19th – 24th

Wynne and her son go on safari to the Kakamega forest, to collect butterflies.

June 25th – 30th

Home again, and Wynne hears from Eric Shipton, who was on the successful attempt to climb Mount Kamet in the Himalayas.

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