The Diary in March

The final diary, one of 30 written since 1895.

Local problems compete with news of amazing new developments to occupy Wynne’s mind.

March 1st – 8th

An outing to Eldoret to the Agricultural Show. Wynne sends her first ever letter by airmail from Africa. The locust threat intensifies.

March 9th – 17th

With the wet weather coming, gardening is a full-time occupation. She adds a cutting from the paper about an early endoscopy – another marvel of these times.

March 20th – 25th

Eric Shipton, the mountaineer, is staying – and news arrives of Malcolm Campbell’s world speed record. Local opinion up in arms about a new “mixed farming” initiative.

March 26th – 31st

Depression angst combines with the wonder of modern developments…and the rain fails but the children manage to bring some fish from their expedition upriver.

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